Ofertas Black Friday

Oferta Black Friday: Black Friday 2021: this year’s date and expected deals

It might not be until the far end of the year – but if there’s one thing we can tell you about Black Friday, it’s that it’s important to be prepared.


Each year, the late-November sale seems to only get bigger and longer, with more and more retailers getting in on the deals action and slashing prices. Last year’s Black Friday was no exception, with an astonishingly high number of people doing their shopping online due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. Let’s not think about whether we’ll be doing the same this year, eh?

Traditionally, Black Friday has been focused on high-value tech items, but in recent years we’ve found pretty much every last category of product on sale. In 2020, we saw discounts on everything from TVs to earbuds to coffee machines to package holidays. And we have no doubt that you should expect more of the same this November.

Read on for our guide to Black Friday 2021: when it is, what you should expect, and a few pointers to help you seek out the best deals.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday will take place on Friday 26th November this year, but that isn’t when you should expect prices…

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